Security and anonymity

Hart Designs takes the data security and protection of your personal information very seriously. Therefore, MemoAssist is developed with industry-standard security technology, and strict policies have been implemented to protect your data.

This document describes how MemoAssist protects your personal information and data. In addition to this document, we also recommend that you read Apple's Privacy Policy, which also includes iCloud. This is because MemoAssist uses iCloud to synchronize data between your devices and to MemoRemote if used. You can switch off the use of iCloud at any time if you do not want to use these features. To do this, turn off iCloud on your device, or turn off MemoAssist's access to iCloudDrive (see Settings -> AppleID -> iCloud -> iCloud Drive).

No access to data

When you save events, spoken messages, own images and more in MemoAssist and MemoRemote, data is saved in your own iCloud account. This means that we do not have access to your data as data is on your private part of iCloud. You can always delete all your MemoAssist data on iCloud by going to Settings - General - Storage and use of iCloud - MemoAssist. So you have full control over your own data and we can not access them.

Data security

MemoAssist protects your data by encrypting them when sent to the Internet and by archiving them in an encrypted format when stored on the server and by using secure codes for authentication. This means that your data is protected against unauthorized access, both while being sent to your devices and when stored in the cloud. MemoAssist uses at least 128-bit AES encryption - the same level of security used by large financial companies - never transferring the encryption keys to others.


Usage statistics

MemoAssist and MemoRemote collect usage statistics in anonymous form through Apple if you have turned on Settings - anonymity - Send automatically. The usage statistics are used to collect log files on crashes and help improve the quality and performance of MemoAssist and MemoRemote. Apple handles the collection of usage statistics and you can read more about it even at the option. There are no 3rd party usage statistics agents installed in MemoAssist or MemoRemote.

Security and iCloud Drive

This summary summarizes how iCloud protects your data when using updated operating systems and updated software.
Data: iCloud Drive
Encryption during transfer: Yes
Encryption on server: Yes
Encryption: Minimum 128-bit AES encryption

Secure passwords

When you create a new Apple ID for use with iCloud, the password must be at least eight characters (one number, one lowercase and one lowercase). Using a secure password is the best thing you can do to keep your data secure.


Two-step verification

Apple offers an additional improvement in the security of your Apple ID in the form of two-step verification. Two-step verification requires that you verify your identity through one of your devices before you can change account information on My Apple ID, log into iCloud on a new device or on or make purchases in iTunes, iBooks or App Store from a new device.


It permeates entire Hart Designs to protect your personal information. Our Privacy Policy includes guidelines for collecting, using, disclosing and archiving your information.