Enable remote control

With remote control you can enable other people to participate in maintaining your daily schedule. You can invite as many people as you like to help you. So it’s absolutely possible to have many family members participate - as well as several caregivers. All at the same time.

They can see you schedule, add tasks and checklists. They can’t change you settings and they can’t mark an task as completed.

Each person you invite will need to download MemoRemote which is a seperate app in App Store. The app is free for everyone. Then they need to accept an invite that only you can send from your MemoAssist.

Once they accept the invite, their MemoRemote will have access to your MemoAssist.

You can always remove people from your MemoAssist - you are in complete control of who you wish to share your schedule with.

Remote control requires that you have an iCloud account, and has granted MemoAssist access to iCloud Drive (this is done automatically if you have enable iCloud Drive).

Every person who participates in remote controlling should have their own AppleID and must be signed into iCloud from their own device.