I have downloaded the trial app on my sons iPad and downloaded the remote on my phone.
Now I'd like to test out creating or editing some items but can only get to checklists.
Am I missing something?

Yes, you need to send an invite from your sons iPad MemoAssist to your iPhone MemoRemote. Please watch this to see how to enable remote control:

Please make sure on your sons iPad:
1) That your son is signed into iCloud with his own AppleID.
2) That there is at least one event on your sons MemoAssist
3) That there’s at least 1GB of free space on your sons iCloud Account

4) Open MemoAssist, click the red button, choose preferences - head down to the remote control section and enable remote control (flip the switch)
5) Click on “invite participants”
6) Email an invite to your iPhone

Please make sure on your own iPhone:
1) That you have signed into iCloud with your own AppleID

Once you have confirmed that both you and your son is signed into iCloud with your own private AppleID (not the same AppleID) do the flowing:

1) Make sure ONLY MemoRemote is installed. If MemoAssist is installed - delete it.
2) Click on the link in the invite from your son.

MemoRemote should then open and connect to your sons MemoAssist. You should now be able to see the entire content of you sons MemoAssist

AuthorMagnus Andersen