MemoAssist and MemoRemote has just been released in a new updated version. The new version includes improved remote control between the two programs.


If you use the remote control function, please be aware that after updating MemoAssist and MemoRemote you will need to reactivate the remote control. This is done as follows:


In MemoAssist:

1) Turn on remotecontrol in settings inside the MemoAssist

2) Click the ‘Add people’ button

3) Choose how you want to send the invitation

4) Send the invitation to the person you that will remote control your MemoAssist. The user must have another iCloud account than the one you use for MemoAssist.



In MemoRemote:

1) Delete all copies of MemoAssist from the device that you wish to use for remotecontrolling

2) Download the app MemoRemote from AppStore

3) Click the link in the message you got from the MemoAssist user.


MemoRemote opens automatically and adds user. You will see the user's name in the list.


If you need any help, please contact us at